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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

an•ilˈæn l(n.)

  1. a West Indian shrub, Indigoferasuffruticosa, of the legume family, having clusters of small, reddish yellow flowers and yielding indigo.

    Category: Plants

  2. indigo; deep blue.

Origin of anil:

1575–85; < Pg < Ar an-nīl=al the +nīl indigo < Skt nīlī indigo (nīl(a) dark blue + fem. n. suffix)

Princeton's WordNet

  1. anil, indigo, indigotin(noun)

    a blue dye obtained from plants or made synthetically

  2. anil, Indigofera suffruticosa, Indigofera anil(noun)

    shrub of West Indies and South America that is a source of indigo dye


  1. anil(Noun)

    The indigo shrub; or the indigo dye obtained from the plant.

  2. anil(Noun)

    Any imine in which the N-radical is a phenyl (or substituted phenyl) group.

  3. Origin: From anil, anil.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Anil(noun)

    a West Indian plant (Indigofera anil), one of the original sources of indigo; also, the indigo dye


  1. Indigofera suffruticosa

    Indigofera suffruticosa, commonly known as Añil, Guatemalan indigo, Small-leaved indigo, West Indian indigo, and Wild indigo, is a flowering plant in the pea family, Fabaceae. In Hawaiian it is known as either ʻInikō/Inikoa, or Kolū; in Fijian it is called Vaivai, the Samoans call it Laʻau mageso, on Guam it is called Aniles, and in Tonga it is referred to as ʻakauveli. Añil is native to the subtropical and tropical Americas, including the southern United States, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and South America as far south as Northern Argentina. This species has been widely introduced to other parts of the world and today has a pantropical distribution. It is an erect branching shrub growing to 1 m tall with pinnate leaves, and is commonly found growing in dry, highly disturbed areas such as roadsides and fallow fields. Añil is commonly used as a source for indigo dye and if mixed with certain clays can produce Maya Blue or Azul Maya, a pigment used by the Mesoamerican civilizations.


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