Definitions for ambianceˈæm bi əns; Fr. ɑ̃ˈbyɑ̃s; -bi ən sɪz; Fr. -ˈbyɑ̃s

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

am•bi•ance*ˈæm bi əns; Fr. ɑ̃ˈbyɑ̃s; -bi ən sɪz; Fr. -ˈbyɑ̃s(n.)(pl.)-bi•anc•es; -bi•enc•es

or am•bi•ence

  1. the mood, special quality, or atmosphere of a place, situation, etc.; environment; milieu:

    The restaurant had a delightful ambiance.

* Syn: See environment.

Origin of ambiance:

1885–90; < F, =ambi(ant) surrounding (MF, also ambient < L; see ambient ) +-ance -ance

Princeton's WordNet

  1. atmosphere, ambiance, ambience(noun)

    a particular environment or surrounding influence

    "there was an atmosphere of excitement"

  2. ambiance, ambience(noun)

    the atmosphere of an environment


  1. ambiance(Noun)

    A particular mood or atmosphere of an environment or surrounding influence.

  2. ambiance(Noun)

    A secondary color of a polygon that becomes more pronounced with shading.

  3. Origin: From ambiance


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