Definitions for amalgamationəˌmæl gəˈmeɪ ʃən

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. amalgamation, merger, uniting(noun)

    the combination of two or more commercial companies


  1. amalgamation(Noun)

    The process of amalgamating; a mixture, merger or consolidation.

  2. amalgamation(Noun)

    The result of amalgamating; a mixture or alloy.

  3. amalgamation(Noun)

    The intermarriage and interbreeding of different ethnicities or races.

  4. Origin: From amalgamatio.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Amalgamation(noun)

    the act or operation of compounding mercury with another metal; -- applied particularly to the process of separating gold and silver from their ores by mixing them with mercury

  2. Amalgamation(noun)

    the mixing or blending of different elements, races, societies, etc.; also, the result of such combination or blending; a homogeneous union

  3. Origin: [Cf. F. amalgamation.]

The Standard Electrical Dictionary

  1. Amalgamation

    The application of mercury to a metal with which it forms an amalgam, or with which it amalgamates. Battery zincs are amalgamated in two ways. In the immersion method, the plate is dipped into an acid solution of mercuric chloride or nitrate. The latter is best. In the direct application method the plate is first wet all over with dilute acid and a little mercury is dropped upon it and is rubbed over the surface with a rag or, what is better, with a piece of galvanized iron. A very little mercury answers the purpose. The whole surface of the plate should be left as bright as silver. (See Action, Local.)


  1. Merger

    A merger, consolidation or amalgamation, in a political or administrative sense, is the combination of two or more political or administrative entities, such as municipalities, counties, districts, etc., into a single entity. This term is used when the process occurs within a sovereign entity. Unbalanced growth or outward expansion of one neighbor may necessitate an administrative decision to merge. In some cases, common perception of continuity may be a factor in prompting such a process. Some cities that have gone though amalgamation or a similar process had several administrative sub-divisions or jurisdictions, each with a separate person in charge. Annexation is similar to amalgamation, but differs in being applied mainly to two cases: The units joined are sovereign entities before the process, as opposed to being units of a single political entity. A city's boundaries are expanded by adding territories not already incorporated as cities or villages.

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  • co-lheieManx
  • whakatōpūtangaMāori
  • vermenging, amalgamatie, legering, versmelting, mix, mengselDutch

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