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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

al•kyneˈæl kaɪn(n.)

  1. any member of the homologous series of unsaturated, aliphatic hydrocarbons having at least one triple bond and the general formula CnH2n−2, as acetylene.

    Category: Chemistry

Origin of alkyne:

1880–85; alk (yl ) + -ine2

Princeton's WordNet

  1. acetylene, ethyne, alkyne(noun)

    a colorless flammable gas used chiefly in welding and in organic synthesis


  1. alkyne(Noun)

    A hydrocarbon containing at least one carbonu2013carbon triple bond.


  1. Alkyne

    In organic chemistry, an alkyne is an unsaturated hydrocarbon which has atleast one carbon—carbon triple bond between two carbon atoms. The simplest acyclic alkynes with only one triple bond and no other functional groups form a homologous series with the general chemical formula CnH2n-2. Alkynes are traditionally known as acetylenes, although the name acetylene also refers specifically to C2H2, known formally as ethyne using IUPAC nomenclature. Like other hydrocarbons, alkynes are generally hydrophobic but tend to be more reactive.


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