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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

Air′ Force`(n.)

  1. the U.S. department in charge of the nation's military air power.

    Category: Military

  2. (l.c.) the military unit of a nation charged with carrying out air operations.

    Category: Military

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. air force, airforce(noun)

    the airborne branch of a country's armed forces

  2. United States Air Force, U. S. Air Force, US Air Force, Air Force, USAF(noun)

    the airforce of the United States of America; the agency that defends the United States through control and exploitation of air and space

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. air force(noun)ˈɛərˌfɛər

    the part of the military that uses planes

    to join the air force


  1. air force(Noun)

    A branch of the military mainly devoted to air warfare, as opposed to (land) army and navy

  2. air force(Noun)

    a unit in the U.S. Air Force larger than a division but smaller than a command

  3. Air Force(ProperNoun)

    The United States Air Force.

  4. Air Force(ProperNoun)

    Sports teams representing the United States Air Force Academy.


  1. Air force

    An air force, also known in some countries as an air army, is in the broadest sense, the national military organization that primarily conducts aerial warfare. More specifically, it is the branch of a nation's armed services that is responsible for aerial warfare as distinct from an army, navy or other branch. Typically, air forces are responsible for gaining control of the air, carrying out strategic and tactical bombing missions and providing support to surface forces. The term "air force" may also refer to a tactical air force or numbered air force, which is an operational formation either within a national air force or comprising several air components from allied nations. Air forces typically consist of a combination of fighters, bombers, helicopters, transport planes and other aircraft. Many air forces are also responsible for operations of military space, intercontinental ballistic missiles, and communications equipment. Some air forces may command and control other air defence assets such as antiaircraft artillery, surface-to-air missiles, or anti-ballistic missile warning networks and defensive systems. Some nations, principally Russia, the former Soviet Union and countries who modelled their militaries along Soviet lines, have an Air Defence Force which is organizationally separate from their air force.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary

air force

the part of the armed services which uses aircraft

the army, navy and air force.

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