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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ai•ler•onˈeɪ ləˌrɒn(n.)

  1. a movable surface near the trailing edge of an aircraft wing, used to control roll and to perform banks.

    Category: Aeronautics

Origin of aileron:

1905–10; < F, =ail(e) (see aisle ) +-eron dim. suffix

Princeton's WordNet

  1. aileron(noun)

    an airfoil that controls lateral motion


  1. aileron(Noun)

    hinged part on trailing edge of an airplane wing. Used to control lateral turns.

  2. Origin: “little wing”


  1. Aileron

    An aileron is a hinged flight control surface usually attached to the trailing edge of each wing of a fixed-wing aircraft. Ailerons are used in pairs to control the aircraft in roll, or movement around the aircraft's longitudinal axis, which normally results in a change in heading due to the tilting of the lift vector. Movement around this axis is called 'rolling' or 'banking'. The aileron was first patented by the British scientist and inventor Matthew Piers Watt Boulton in 1868, based on his 1864 paper On Aërial Locomotion. Even though there was extensive prior art in the 19th century for the aileron and its functional analog, wing warping, in 1906 the United States granted an expansive patent to the Wright Brothers of Dayton, Ohio for the invention of a system of aerodynamic control that manipulated an airplane's control surfaces. Much litigation ensued—as with the earlier automotive Selden patent—over the legal issues of lateral roll control, until World War I compelled the U.S. Government to legislate a legal resolution. In the present day ailerons have become highly refined in their designs and performance, with multiple types created to suit the various fixed wing aircraft in existence.

Anagrams of aileron

  1. alienor

  2. alerion


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