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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. to provide support for or relief to; help.

  2. to promote the progress of; facilitate.

  3. (v.i.)to give help or assistance.

  4. (n.)help or support; assistance.

  5. a person or thing that aids or furnishes assistance; helper; auxiliary.

  6. Category: Military

    Ref: aide-de-camp.

  7. a payment made by feudal vassals to their lord on special occasions.

    Category: Western History

  8. (in medieval England after 1066) any of several revenues received by a king from his vassals and other subjects.

    Category: Western History

* Syn: See help.Usage: Although the nouns aid and aide both have among their meanings “an assisting person,” the spelling aide is increasingly being used for this sense: One of the senator's aides is calling.aide in military use is short for aide-de-camp. It is also the spelling in nurse's aide.

Origin of aid:

1375–1425; late ME ayde < AF, OF aide, n. der. of aid(i)er < L adjūtāre to help; see adjutant



  1. Agency for International Development.

    Category: Government, Titles, Associations, Organizations


  1. aidless(Adjective)

    Without aid.

  2. aidless(Adjective)

    Without mechanical assistance.

    Aidless navigation has the advantage of not requiring equipment but is much less accurate and more prone to becoming lost.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Aidless(adj)

    helpless; without aid


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