Definitions for agoraˌɑ gɔˈrɑ; ˌɑ gɔˈroʊt

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ag•o•raˈæg ər ə; -əˌri(n.)(pl.)-o•rae

  1. a marketplace or public square in ancient Greece serving as a center of civic life.

    Category: Ancient History

Origin of agora:

1590–1600; < Gk agora marketplace, der. of ageírein to gather together

a•go•raˌɑ gɔˈrɑ; ˌɑ gɔˈroʊt(n.)(pl.)a•go•rot

  1. a monetary unit of Israel, equal to 1/100 of the shekel.

    Category: Numismatics

Origin of agora:

< Heb

Princeton's WordNet

  1. agora(noun)

    100 agorot equal 1 shekel in Israel

  2. agora(noun)

    the marketplace in ancient Greece

  3. agora, public square(noun)

    a place of assembly for the people in ancient Greece

Webster Dictionary

  1. Agora(noun)

    an assembly; hence, the place of assembly, especially the market place, in an ancient Greek city


  1. Agora

    The agora was a central spot in ancient Greek city-states. The literal meaning of the word is "gathering place" or "assembly". The agora was the center of athletic, artistic, spiritual and political life of the city. The Ancient Agora of Athens was the best-known example, birthplace of democracy.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Agora

    the forum of a Grecian town.

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just now

at this particular moment

I can't do it just now.

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