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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

a•cu•i•tyəˈkyu ɪ ti(n.)

  1. sharpness; acuteness; keenness:

    visual acuity; acuity of mind.

Origin of acuity:

1375–1425; < OF < ML, LL acuitās= L acu(ere) to sharpen or acū(tus) sharpened (see acute ) +-itās -ity

Princeton's WordNet

  1. acuity, visual acuity, sharp-sightedness(noun)

    sharpness of vision; the visual ability to resolve fine detail (usually measured by a Snellen chart)

  2. acuteness, acuity, sharpness, keenness(noun)

    a quick and penetrating intelligence

    "he argued with great acuteness"; "I admired the keenness of his mind"


  1. acuity(Noun)

    Sharpness or acuteness, as of a needle, wit, etc.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Acuity(noun)

    sharpness or acuteness, as of a needle, wit, etc

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