Definitions for acriflavineˌæk rəˈfleɪ vɪn, -vin

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  1. acriflavine(Noun)

    An antimicrobial flavonoid dye derived from acridine

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Acriflavine

    3,6-Diamino-10-methylacridinium chloride mixt. with 3,6-acridinediamine. Fluorescent dye used as a local antiseptic and also as a biological stain. It intercalates into nucleic acids thereby inhibiting bacterial and viral replication.


  1. Acriflavinium chloride

    Acriflavine is a topical antiseptic. It has the form of an orange or brown powder. It may be harmful in the eyes or if inhaled. It is a dye and it stains the skin and may irritate. Commercial preparations are often mixtures with proflavine. It is known by a variety of commercial names. Acriflavine was developed in 1912 by Paul Ehrlich, a German medical researcher, and was used during the First World War against sleeping sickness. It is derived from acridine. The hydrochloride form is more irritating than the neutral form. Acriflavine is also used as treatment for external fungal infections of aquarium fish. Acriflavine has been shown to have anti-cancer activity by inhibition of HIF-1 which prevents blood vessels growing to supply tumors with blood and interferes with glucose uptake and use. Acriflavine is a controlled substance in Australia and dependent on situation, is considered either a Schedule 5 or Schedule 7 substance. The use, storage and preparation of the chemical is subject to strict state and territory laws.


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