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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. to take or receive (something offered).

  2. to receive with approval or favor:

    to accept a proposal.

  3. to receive or admit as adequate or satisfactory:

    to accept an apology.

  4. to respond or answer affirmatively to:

    to accept an invitation.

  5. to undertake the duties, responsibilities, or honors of:

    to accept the office of president.

  6. to admit formally, as to a college or club.

  7. to accommodate or reconcile oneself to:

    to accept the situation.

  8. to regard as true or sound; believe.

  9. to regard as normal, suitable, or usual.

  10. to receive as to meaning; understand.

  11. to agree to pay, as a draft.

    Category: Business

  12. to receive or contain (something attached, inserted, etc.):

    This socket won't accept a three-pronged plug.

  13. to receive (a transplanted organ or tissue) without adverse reaction.

    Category: Medicine

    Ref: Compare reject (def. 7). 7

  14. (v.i.)to accept an invitation, gift, position, etc. (sometimes fol. by of).

Origin of accept:

1350–1400; ME < MF accepter < L acceptāre, freq. of accipere to receive = ac- ac - +-cipere,capere to take



  1. accepter(Noun)

    A person who accepts; a taker.

  2. accepter(Noun)

    A respecter; a viewer with partiality.

  3. accepter(Noun)

    An acceptor; one that accepts an order or a bill of exchange.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Accepter(noun)

    a person who accepts; a taker

  2. Accepter(noun)

    a respecter; a viewer with partiality

  3. Accepter(noun)

    an acceptor

Anagrams of accepter

  1. reaccept

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to take (something offered)

He accepted the gift.

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