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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ac•cedeækˈsid(v.i.)-ced•ed, -ced•ing.

  1. to give one's consent, approval, or adherence by yielding; give in; agree; assent:

    to accede to a request; to accede to the terms of a contract.

  2. to attain or assume an office, title, or dignity; succeed (usu. fol. by to):

    to accede to the throne.

  3. to become a party to an agreement or treaty.

    Category: Law

Origin of accede:

1400–50; to approach, adapt to < L accēdere to approach, assent =ac-ac - +cēdere to go; see cede



  1. acceder(Noun)

    One who accedes.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Acceder(noun)

    one who accedes

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