Definitions for acanthopterygianˌæk ənˌθɒp təˈrɪdʒ i ən

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ac•an•thop•ter•yg•i•anˌæk ənˌθɒp təˈrɪdʒ i ən(adj.)

  1. belonging or pertaining to the Acanthopterygii, the group of spiny-finned fishes, including the bass and perch.

    Category: Ichthyology

  2. (n.)an acanthopterygian fish.

    Category: Ichthyology

Origin of acanthopterygian:

1825–35; < NL Acanthopterygi(i)+ -an1

Princeton's WordNet

  1. spiny-finned fish, acanthopterygian(noun)

    a teleost fish with fins that are supported by sharp inflexible rays


  1. acanthopterygian(Noun)

    Any fish of the superorder Acanthopterygii

  2. acanthopterygian(Adjective)

    Similar to a acanthopterygian.

  3. Origin: from acanthus (from ἄκανθος) + πτερυγίων diminutive of πτέρυξ, from πτερόν.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Acanthopterygian(adj)

    belonging to the order of fishes having spinose fins, as the perch

  2. Acanthopterygian(noun)

    a spiny-finned fish


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