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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ab•sorbæbˈsɔrb, -ˈzɔrb(v.t.)

  1. to suck up (a liquid); soak up:

    A sponge absorbs water.

  2. to take in and assimilate; incorporate:

    The empire absorbed many nations.

  3. to involve the full attention of; engross:

    This book will absorb the serious reader.

  4. to occupy or fill (time, attention, etc.).

  5. to assimilate by chemical or molecular action.

    Category: Chemistry

  6. to take in without echo, recoil, or reflection:

    to absorb shock; to absorb sound.

  7. to take in and utilize:

    to absorb information.

  8. to pay for (costs, taxes, etc.).

  9. Archaic. to swallow up.

Origin of absorb:

1480–90; < L absorbēre=ab-ab - +sorbēre to suck in, swallow


Princeton's WordNet

  1. absorber(noun)

    (physics) material in a nuclear reactor that absorbs radiation


  1. absorber(Noun)

    Agent noun of absorb; one who, or that which, absorbs.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Absorber(noun)

    one who, or that which, absorbs


  1. Particle physics experiments

    Particle physics experiments briefly discusses a number of past, present, and proposed experiments with particle accelerators, throughout the world. In addition, some important accelerator interactions are discussed. Also, some notable systems components are discussed, named by project.

Anagrams of absorber

  1. reabsorb

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to soak up

The cloth absorbed the ink I had spilled.

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