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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. sudden or unexpected:

    an abrupt departure.

  2. curt or brusque in speech or manner:

    an abrupt reply.

  3. terminating or changing suddenly; sharp:

    an abrupt turn in the road.

  4. having many sudden changes from one subject to another; lacking in continuity or smoothness:

    an abrupt writing style.

  5. steep; precipitous:

    an abrupt descent.

  6. Category: Botany

    Ref: truncate (def. 3). 4

Origin of abrupt:

1575–85; < L abruptus, ptp. of abrumpere to rupture


Princeton's WordNet

  1. abrupt, disconnected(adj)

    marked by sudden changes in subject and sharp transitions

    "abrupt prose"

  2. abrupt(adj)

    exceedingly sudden and unexpected

    "came to an abrupt stop"; "an abrupt change in the weather"

  3. abrupt, precipitous, sharp(adj)

    extremely steep

    "an abrupt canyon"; "the precipitous rapids of the upper river"; "the precipitous hills of Chinese paintings"; "a sharp drop"

  4. abrupt(adj)

    surprisingly and unceremoniously brusque in manner

    "an abrupt reply"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. abrupt(adjective)əˈbrʌpt

    sudden and unexpected

    an abrupt end

  2. abruptəˈbrʌpt

    impolitely brief; = curt

    an abrupt answer; The meeting ended abruptly.


  1. abrupt(Noun)

    Something which is abrupt.

  2. abrupt(Verb)

    To tear off or asunder.

  3. abrupt(Verb)

    To interrupt suddenly.

  4. abrupt(Adjective)

    Extremely steep or craggy as if broken up; precipitous.

  5. abrupt(Adjective)

    Without notice to prepare the mind for the event; sudden; hasty; unceremonious.

  6. abrupt(Adjective)

    Curt in manner; rude; uncivil; impolite.

  7. abrupt(Adjective)

    Having sudden transitions from one subject or state to another; unconnected.

    The party came to an abrupt end when the parents of our host arrived.

  8. abrupt(Adjective)

    Suddenly terminating, as if cut off; truncate.

  9. Origin: * First attested in 1583.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Abrupt(adj)

    broken off; very steep, or craggy, as rocks, precipices, banks; precipitous; steep; as, abrupt places

  2. Abrupt(adj)

    without notice to prepare the mind for the event; sudden; hasty; unceremonious

  3. Abrupt(adj)

    having sudden transitions from one subject to another; unconnected

  4. Abrupt(adj)

    suddenly terminating, as if cut off

  5. Abrupt(noun)

    an abrupt place

  6. Abrupt(verb)

    to tear off or asunder

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


sudden; unexpected

The car came to an abrupt halt.

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