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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

a•bradeəˈbreɪd(v.t.; v.i.)a•brad•ed, a•brad•ing.

  1. to wear off or down by scraping or rubbing.

  2. to scrape or rub off.

Origin of abrade:

1670–80; < L abrādere=ab-ab - +rādere to scrape


Princeton's WordNet

  1. abrade, corrade, abrase, rub down, rub off(verb)

    wear away

  2. scour, abrade(verb)

    rub hard or scrub

    "scour the counter tops"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Abrade(verb)

    to rub or wear off; to waste or wear away by friction; as, to abrade rocks

  2. Abrade(verb)

    same as Abraid


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