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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

za•nyˈzeɪ ni(adj.)-ni•er, -ni•est

  1. (adj.)absurdly or whimsically comical:

    a zany comedian.

  2. (n.)a comically wild or eccentric person.

  3. a secondary character in old comedies, usu. a bungling imitator, derived from the male servant figures of commedia dell'arte.

    Category: Showbiz, Literature

  4. a buffoon; clown.

Origin of zany:

1560–70; (< MF) < It zan(n)i a servant character in the commedia dell'arte, perh. orig. the character's name, Gianni, for Giovanni John


Princeton's WordNet

  1. zany(noun)

    a buffoon in one of the old comedies; imitates others for ludicrous effect

  2. fathead, goof, goofball, bozo, jackass, goose, cuckoo, twat, zany(adj)

    a man who is a stupid incompetent fool

  3. cockamamie, cockamamy, goofy, sappy, silly, wacky, whacky, zany(adj)

    ludicrous, foolish

    "gave me a cockamamie reason for not going"; "wore a goofy hat"; "a silly idea"; "some wacky plan for selling more books"

  4. buffoonish, clownish, clownlike, zany(adj)

    like a clown

    "a buffoonish walk"; "a clownish face"; "a zany sense of humor"


  1. zany(Noun)

    A fool or clown.

  2. zany(Adjective)

    ludicrously or incongruously comical

  3. zany(Adjective)

    bizarre, clownish

  4. Origin: From zanni (a kind of masked clown character), itself (when capitalized) a dialectal form of Giovanni.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Zany(noun)

    a merry-andrew; a buffoon

  2. Zany(verb)

    to mimic


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