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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

whelpʰwɛlp, wɛlp(n.)

  1. the young of the dog, or of the wolf, bear, lion, tiger, seal, etc.

    Category: Zoology

  2. a youth, esp. one regarded as impudent or reckless; brat.

  3. (v.t.)(of a female dog, bear, lion, etc.) to give birth to (young).

    Category: Zoology

  4. (v.i.)(of a female dog, bear, etc.) to give birth to young.

    Category: Zoology

Origin of whelp:

bef. 900; (n.) ME; OE hwelp, c. OS hwelp, OHG (h)welf, ON hvelpr


Princeton's WordNet

  1. pup, whelp(verb)

    young of any of various canines such as a dog or wolf

  2. whelp, pup(verb)


    "the dog whelped"


  1. whelp(Noun)

    the young of a mammal, especially of a dog or wolf.

  2. whelp(Noun)

    an insolent youth.

  3. whelp(Noun)

    one of several wooden strips to prevent wear on a windlass on a clipper-era ship.

  4. whelp(Noun)

    a tooth on a sprocket wheel (compare sprocket, def. 2; cog, def. 1).

  5. whelp(Verb)

    to give birth.

    The bitch whelped.

  6. Origin: hwelp 'pup, wolf cub', from hwelpaz (compare welp, obsolete Welf, hvalp), from pre-Germanic *kʷelbos, from *gʷelbhos (compare жрѣбѧ 'foal', vulva, bolva, volba 'womb', βρέφος 'fœtus, newborn', Hittite huēlpi 'overipe, fresh; newborn animal', उल्ब 'womb').

Webster Dictionary

  1. Whelp(noun)

    one of the young of a dog or a beast of prey; a puppy; a cub; as, a lion's whelps

  2. Whelp(noun)

    a child; a youth; -- jocosely or in contempt

  3. Whelp(noun)

    one of the longitudinal ribs or ridges on the barrel of a capstan or a windless; -- usually in the plural; as, the whelps of a windlass

  4. Whelp(noun)

    one of the teeth of a sprocket wheel

  5. Whelp(verb)

    to bring forth young; -- said of the female of the dog and some beasts of prey

  6. Whelp(verb)

    to bring forth, as cubs or young; to give birth to


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