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  1. with(Preposition)


    He picked a fight with the class bully.

  2. with(Preposition)

    in the company of; alongside, along side of; close to; near to:

    He went with his friends.

  3. with(Preposition)

    in addition to; as an accessory to:

    She owns a motorcycle with a sidecar.

  4. with(Preposition)


  5. with(Preposition)

    in support of:

    We are with you all the way.

  6. with(Preposition)

    To denote the accomplishment of cause, means, instrument, etc; u2013 sometimes equivalent to by.

    slain with robbers

  7. with(Preposition)

    as an instrument; by means of

    cut with a knife

  8. with(Preposition)

    as nourishment, more recently replaced by on

  9. Origin: From with, from wiþ, a shortened form of wiþer, from wiþr-, from wi-tero-; from wi. Cognate with German and , Dutch , ved, vid. In Middle English, the word shifted to denote association rather than opposition, displacing mid, from mid. Cognate to Old-Frisian , Modern Frisian , Dutch and German .

Webster Dictionary

  1. With(noun)

    see Withe

  2. With

    with denotes or expresses some situation or relation of nearness, proximity, association, connection, or the like

  3. With

    to denote a close or direct relation of opposition or hostility; -- equivalent to against

  4. With

    to denote association in respect of situation or environment; hence, among; in the company of

  5. With

    to denote a connection of friendship, support, alliance, assistance, countenance, etc.; hence, on the side of

  6. With

    to denote the accomplishment of cause, means, instrument, etc; -- sometimes equivalent to by

  7. With

    to denote association in thought, as for comparison or contrast

  8. With

    to denote simultaneous happening, or immediate succession or consequence

  9. With

    to denote having as a possession or an appendage; as, the firmament with its stars; a bride with a large fortune

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'WITH' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #13

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'WITH' in Written Corpus Frequency: #40

Anagrams of WITH

  1. Whit


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