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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. a handful or small bundle of straw, hay, or the like.

  2. any thin tuft, lock, mass, etc.:

    wisps of hair.

  3. a thin puff or streak, as of smoke; slender trace.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

  4. a person or thing that is small, delicate, or barely discernible.

  5. Ref: will-o'-the-wisp.

  6. (v.i.)to twist into a wisp.

Origin of wisp:

1300–50; ME wisp, wips; akin to wipe

Princeton's WordNet

  1. wisp(noun)

    a small tuft or lock

    "wisps of hair"

  2. wisp(noun)

    a small person

    "a mere wisp of a girl"

  3. wisp(noun)

    a small bundle of straw or hay

  4. wisp(noun)

    a flock of snipe


  1. wisp(Noun)

    A small bundle, as of straw or other like substance; any slender, flexible structure or group.

  2. Origin: ; akin to / wispel 'measure of grain', Norwegian bokmål/Swedish/Bornholm Danish visp 'handful or bundle of grass, hay, etc'.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Wisp(noun)

    a small bundle, as of straw or other like substance

  2. Wisp(noun)

    a whisk, or small broom

  3. Wisp(noun)

    a Will-o'-the-wisp; an ignis fatuus

  4. Wisp(verb)

    to brush or dress, an with a wisp

  5. Wisp(verb)

    to rumple

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


thin strand

a wisp of hair; a wisp of smoke.

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