Definitions for WHATʰwʌt, ʰwɒt, wʌt, wɒt; unstressed ʰwət, wət

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  1. what(Adverb)

    In some manner or degree; in part; partly; usually followed by with.

    What with singing and joking, the time passed quickly.

  2. what(Adverb)

    Such; this is; that is.

  3. what(Adverb)


  4. what(Adverb)

    Used to introduce each of two coordinate phrases or concepts; both...and.

  5. what(Pronoun)

    which thing, event, circumstance, etc.: used interrogatively in asking for the specification of an identity, quantity, quality, etc.

  6. what(Pronoun)

    An interrogative which asks "Don't you agree?"

    It's rather late, what?

  7. what(Pronoun)

    that; which

  8. what(Pronoun)

    that which; those that; the thing that

  9. what(Interjection)

    which; which kind of.

  10. what(Interjection)

    an expression of surprise or disbelief.

  11. what(Interjection)

    is that not true?

    Itu2019s a nice day, what? (sometimes repeated, e.g.: What-what?)

  12. what(Interjection)

    how much; how great (used in an exclamation)

    Itu2019s a nice day, what? (sometimes repeated, e.g.: What-what?)

  13. Origin: from hwæt, from hwat, from kʷos (which also gave us who).

Webster Dictionary

  1. What

    as an interrogative pronoun, used in asking questions regarding either persons or things; as, what is this? what did you say? what poem is this? what child is lost?

  2. What

    as an exclamatory word: -- (a) Used absolutely or independently; -- often with a question following

  3. What

    used adjectively, meaning how remarkable, or how great; as, what folly! what eloquence! what courage!

  4. What

    sometimes prefixed to adjectives in an adverbial sense, as nearly equivalent to how; as, what happy boys!

  5. What

    as a relative pronoun

  6. What

    used substantively with the antecedent suppressed, equivalent to that which, or those [persons] who, or those [things] which; -- called a compound relative

  7. What

    used adjectively, equivalent to the . . . which; the sort or kind of . . . which; rarely, the . . . on, or at, which

  8. What

    used adverbially in a sense corresponding to the adjectival use; as, he picked what good fruit he saw

  9. What

    whatever; whatsoever; what thing soever; -- used indefinitely

  10. What

    used adverbially, in part; partly; somewhat; -- with a following preposition, especially, with, and commonly with repetition

  11. What(noun)

    something; thing; stuff

  12. What

    why? For what purpose? On what account?

  13. Origin: [AS. hwt, neuter of hw who; akin to OS. hwat what, OFries. hwet, D. & LG. wat, G. was, OHG. waz, hwaz, Icel. hvat, Sw. & Dan. hvad, Goth. hwa. 182. See Who.]


  1. What?

    What? is a 1972 comedy film written and directed by Roman Polanski, starring Marcello Mastroianni, Sydne Rome and Hugh Griffith.

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'WHAT' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #53

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'WHAT' in Written Corpus Frequency: #21

Anagrams for WHAT »

  1. hawt, thaw, wath

  2. Hawt

  3. Thaw

  4. Wath

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