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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

troughtrɔf, trɒf or, sometimes, trɔθ, trɒθ(n.)

  1. a long, narrow, open receptacle, usu. boxlike in shape, used chiefly to hold water or food for animals.

  2. any of several similarly shaped receptacles used for various commercial or household purposes.

  3. a channel or conduit for conveying water, as a gutter under the eaves of a building.

    Category: Building Trades

  4. any long depression or hollow.

    Category: Oceanography

  5. a long, wide, and deep depression in the ocean floor having gently sloping sides, wider and shallower than a trench.

    Category: Geology, Oceanography

  6. an elongated area of relatively low barometric pressure.

    Category: Meteorology

  7. the lowest point, esp. in an economic cycle.

Origin of trough:

bef. 900; ME; OE trōh, c. OFris, OS, ON trog, OHG troc

Princeton's WordNet

  1. trough(noun)

    a narrow depression (as in the earth or between ocean waves or in the ocean bed)

  2. gutter, trough(noun)

    a channel along the eaves or on the roof; collects and carries away rainwater

  3. bowl, trough(noun)

    a concave shape with an open top

  4. public treasury, trough, till(noun)

    a treasury for government funds

  5. trough(noun)

    a long narrow shallow receptacle

  6. manger, trough(noun)

    a container (usually in a barn or stable) from which cattle or horses feed

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. trough(noun)ɔf, trɒf or, sometimes, trɔθ, trɒθ

    a long container that animals feed or drink from

    a stone trough

  2. troughɔf, trɒf or, sometimes, trɔθ, trɒθ

    a period during which sth is at its lowest level

    The business had recently hit a trough.


  1. trough(Noun)

    A linear atmospheric depression associated with a weather front.

    One of Hank's chores was to slop the pigs' trough each morning and evening.

  2. trough(Noun)

    A long, narrow container, open on top, for feeding or watering animals.

    One of Hank's chores was to slop the pigs' trough each morning and evening.

  3. trough(Noun)

    A rectangular container used for washing clothes, a channel for conveying water or other farm liquids (such as milk) from place to place by gravity, or any general 'U' or 'V' shaped channel conveying water for irrigation purposes.

    Ernest threw his paint brushes into a kind of trough he had fashioned from sheet metal that he kept in the sink.

  4. trough(Noun)

    Any similarly shaped container.

    Ernest threw his paint brushes into a kind of trough he had fashioned from sheet metal that he kept in the sink.

  5. trough(Noun)

    A gutter under the eaves of a building; an eaves trough.

    The troughs were filled with leaves and needed cleaning.

  6. trough(Noun)

    A short, narrow canal designed to hold water until it drains or evaporates.

    There was a small trough that the sump pump emptied into; it was filled with mosquito larvae.

  7. trough(Noun)

    A long, narrow depression between waves or ridges.

  8. trough(Verb)

    To eat in a vulgar style, as if eating from a trough

    he troughed his way through 3 meat pies.

  9. Origin: from trog, from trugan (cf. West Frisian trôch, Dutch trog, Swedish tråg), from dru-kó (cf. Middle Irish drochta ‘wooden basin’, Armenian ‘ladle, spoon’), enlargement of ‘tree’. More at tree.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Trough(noun)

    a long, hollow vessel, generally for holding water or other liquid, especially one formed by excavating a log longitudinally on one side; a long tray; also, a wooden channel for conveying water, as to a mill wheel

  2. Trough(noun)

    any channel, receptacle, or depression, of a long and narrow shape; as, trough between two ridges, etc


  1. Trough

    In geology, a trough generally refers to a linear structural depression that extends laterally over a distance, while being less steep than a trench. A trough can be a narrow basin or a geologic rift. There are various oceanic troughs, troughs found under oceans; examples include the rift along the mid-oceanic ridge and the Cayman Trough.

Translations for Trough

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a long, low, open container for animals' food or water

a drinking-trough for the cattle.

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