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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

town•shipˈtaʊn ʃɪp(n.)

  1. a unit of local government, usu. a subdivision of a county, found in most midwestern and northeastern states of the U.S. and in most Canadian provinces.

    Category: Government

  2. (in U.S. surveys of public land) a region or district approximately 6 miles square (93.2 sq. km), containing 36 sections.

    Category: Government, Surveying

  3. one of the local divisions or districts of a large parish in ancient England. the parish itself.

    Category: Western History

  4. (in South Africa) a residential settlement for blacks, located outside a city or town.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Government

Origin of township:

bef. 900

Princeton's WordNet

  1. township, town(noun)

    an administrative division of a county

    "the town is responsible for snow removal"


  1. township(Noun)

    The territory of a town; a subdivision of a county.

  2. township(Noun)

    An area set aside for non-white occupation.

  3. township(Noun)

    A non-white (usually sub-economic) area attached to a city.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Township(noun)

    the district or territory of a town

  2. Township(noun)

    in surveys of the public land of the United States, a division of territory six miles square, containing 36 sections

  3. Township(noun)

    in Canada, one of the subdivisions of a county


  1. Township

    The word township is used to refer to different kinds of settlements in different countries. While township may be associated with an urban area, there are many exceptions to this rule. In Australia, the United States, and Canada, they may be settlements too small to be considered urban.


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