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Princeton's WordNet

  1. branchlet, twig, sprig(verb)

    a small branch or division of a branch (especially a terminal division); usually applied to branches of the current or preceding year

  2. twig(verb)

    branch out in a twiglike manner

    "The lightning bolt twigged in several directions"

  3. catch on, get wise, get onto, tumble, latch on, cotton on, twig, get it(verb)

    understand, usually after some initial difficulty

    "She didn't know what her classmates were plotting but finally caught on"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Twig(verb)

    to twitch; to pull; to tweak

  2. Twig(verb)

    to understand the meaning of; to comprehend; as, do you twig me?

  3. Twig(verb)

    to observe slyly; also, to perceive; to discover

  4. Twig(noun)

    a small shoot or branch of a tree or other plant, of no definite length or size

  5. Twig(verb)

    to beat with twigs


  1. Twig

    A twig is a small thin terminal branch of a woody plant. The buds on the twig are an important diagnostic characteristic, as are the abscission scars where the leaves have fallen away. The color, texture, and patterning of the twig bark are also important, in addition to the thickness and nature of any pith of the twig. There are two types of twig, vegetative twigs and fruiting spurs. Fruiting spurs are specialized twigs that generally branch off the sides of branches and leading twigs, and are stubby and slow-growing, with many annular ring markings from seasons past. The age and rate of growth of a twig can be determined by counting the winter terminal bud scale scars, or annular ring marking, down the length of the twig.

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