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  1. Twi(ProperNoun)

    A dialect of the Akan language; spoken in Ghana in western Africa.


  1. Asante dialect

    Ashanti, Asante, or Asante Twi, is spoken by over 9 million ethnic Ashanti people as a first language and second language. Ashanti is one of three literary dialects of the Akan language of southern Ghana, and the prestige dialect of that language. It is spoken in and around Kumasi, the capital of Ashanti Region and the former Ashanti Empire and current subnational Asante Kingdom within Ghana. The two dialects of Akuapem and Asante are known as Twi and are to be mutually intelligible. There are about 9 million Twi speakers, mainly in Ashanti Region, Ghana. Akuapem Twi was the first dialect to be used for bible translation, and became the prestige dialect as a result. In Ethnologue and ISO 639-3 Asante is analysed as a dialect of Twi. Twi in its turn is a language belonging to the macrolanguage of Akan. In Glottolog Akuapem and Asante are found as dialects under the language Akan.

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  1. wit, wit.

  2. Wit.


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