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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


or twirp

  1. Slang. an insignificant or despicable person.

    Category: Status (usage)

Origin of twerp:

1920–25; orig. uncert.

Princeton's WordNet

  1. twerp, twirp, twit(noun)

    someone who is regarded as contemptible


  1. twerp(Noun)

    A fool, a twit.

    Now you've broken it, you twerp!

  2. twerp(Noun)

    A small or puny person; one regarded as insignificant, contemptible.

    Get out of my way, you little twerp!

  3. twerp(Noun)

    A person who can be bullied playfully, or easily teased. Sometimes used as a pet-name (often for a younger sibling).

  4. Origin: Of uncertain origin. The Oxford English Dictionary writes that it may have been coined (perhaps by ) around 1910 from the name of T. W. Earp. However, the Dictionary of American Slang writes that it was in use in 1874. It may be a form of dwarf (compare Middle English dwerf, Low German Twarg). It may derive from the onomatopoeia twirp.


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