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Princeton's WordNet

  1. toot(noun)

    a blast of a horn

  2. carouse, carousal, bender, toot, booze-up(verb)

    revelry in drinking; a merry drinking party

  3. honk, blare, beep, claxon, toot(verb)

    make a loud noise

    "The horns of the taxis blared"


  1. toot(Noun)

    The noise of a horn or whistle.

    He gave a little toot of the horn, to get their attention.

  2. toot(Noun)

    A fart; a flatus.

  3. toot(Noun)


  4. toot(Noun)

    A spree of drunkness.

  5. toot(Verb)

    To stand out, or be prominent.

  6. toot(Verb)

    To peep; to look narrowly.

  7. toot(Verb)

    To see; to spy.

  8. toot(Verb)

    To flatulate.

  9. toot(Verb)

    To make the sound of a horn or whistle.

  10. toot(Verb)

    To cause a horn or whistle to make its sound.

  11. toot(Verb)

    To go on a drinking binge.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Toot(verb)

    to stand out, or be prominent

  2. Toot(verb)

    to peep; to look narrowly

  3. Toot(verb)

    to see; to spy

  4. Toot(verb)

    to blow or sound a horn; to make similar noise by contact of the tongue with the root of the upper teeth at the beginning and end of the sound; also, to give forth such a sound, as a horn when blown

  5. Toot(verb)

    to cause to sound, as a horn, the note being modified at the beginning and end as if by pronouncing the letter t; to blow; to sound

Anagrams for TOOT »

  1. otto, Otto

  2. OTOT

  3. Otto

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Jeb Bush:

    In my family, you know, I was brought up not to toot my own horn, i'm not a bragger. It's hard for me to do this. But I can promise you that if I'm elected president I will work hard to change the direction of this country and I do believe I have the leadership skills to make it so. So I'm humbly here to ask for your vote.

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