Definitions for TIARAtiˈær ə, -ˈɑr ə, -ˈɛər ə

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. tiara(noun)

    a jeweled headdress worn by women on formal occasions


  1. tiara(Noun)

    The papal crown.

  2. tiara(Noun)

    An ornamental coronet.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Tiara(noun)

    a form of headdress worn by the ancient Persians. According to Xenophon, the royal tiara was encircled with a diadem, and was high and erect, while those of the people were flexible, or had rims turned over

  2. Tiara(noun)

    the pope's triple crown. It was at first a round, high cap, but was afterward encompassed with a crown, subsequently with a second, and finally with a third. Fig.: The papal dignity


  1. Tiara

    A tiara is a form of crown. There are two possible types of crown that this word can refer to. Traditionally, the word "tiara" refers to a high crown, often with the shape of a cylinder narrowed at its top, made of fabric or leather, and richly ornamented. It was used by the kings and emperors of some ancient peoples in Anatolia and Mesopotamia, notably the Hittites. The Assyrians used to include a pair of bull horns as a decoration and symbol of authority and a circle of short feathers surrounding the tiara's top. The Persian tiara was more similar to a truncated cone, without the horns and feathers but more jewels, and a conic-shaped tip at its top.

Anagrams for TIARA »

  1. atari, Atari

  2. raita

  3. atria

  4. aarti

  5. riata

  6. Atari

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