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Princeton's WordNet

  1. syndicate, crime syndicate, mob, family(noun)

    a loose affiliation of gangsters in charge of organized criminal activities

  2. consortium, pool, syndicate(noun)

    an association of companies for some definite purpose

  3. syndicate(verb)

    a news agency that sells features or articles or photographs etc. to newspapers for simultaneous publication

  4. syndicate(verb)

    join together into a syndicate

    "The banks syndicated"

  5. syndicate(verb)

    organize into or form a syndicate

  6. syndicate(verb)

    sell articles, television programs, or photos to several publications or independent broadcasting stations


  1. Syndicate(n.)

    A more or less organized association of criminals controlling some aspects of criminal activity, in a specific area or country-wide; -- used loosely as a synonym for organized crime or the mafia.

  2. Syndicate(n.)

    (Journalism) a commercial organization that purchases various journalistic items, such as articles, columns, or comic strips, from their individual creators, and resells them to newspapers or other periodicals for simultaneous publication over a wide area.

  3. Syndicate(v. t.)

    (Journalism) to purchase various journalistic items, such as articles, columns, or comic strips, from their individual creators, and resell them to numerous periodicals for simultaneous publication over a wide area; a syndicated columnist.


  1. syndicate(Noun)

    A group of individuals or companies formed to transact some specific business, or to promote a common interest; a self-coordinating group.

  2. syndicate(Noun)

    A similar group of gangsters engaged in organized crime.

  3. syndicate(Noun)

    A chain of newspapers, or an agency that distributes features to multiple newspapers.

  4. syndicate(Verb)

    To become a syndicate.

  5. syndicate(Verb)

    To put under the control of a group acting as a unit.

  6. syndicate(Verb)

    To release media content through a syndicate to be published or broadcast through multiple outlets.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Syndicate(noun)

    the office or jurisdiction of a syndic; a council, or body of syndics

  2. Syndicate(noun)

    an association of persons officially authorized to undertake some duty or to negotiate some business; also, an association of persons who combine to carry out, on their own account, a financial or industrial project; as, a syndicate of bankers formed to take up and dispose of an entire issue of government bonds

  3. Syndicate(verb)

    to judge; to censure

  4. Origin: [LL. syndicatus, p. p. of syndicare to censure.]


  1. Syndicate

    A syndicate is a self-organizing group of individuals, companies, corporations or entities formed to transact some specific business, or to promote a common interest. In most cases formed groups aim to scale up their profits. Although there are many legal syndicates formed around the world, people tend to link the term syndicate to various criminal activities. In the case of criminal activity, the syndicate is there to promote, and engage in, organized crime. The term is also associated with anarchist theory, specifically anarcho-syndicalism, in which it forms an alternative to both the nation state and capitalist corporations. The word syndicate comes from the French word syndicat which means trade union, from the Latin word syndicus which in turn comes from the Greek word σύνδικος which means caretaker of an issue, compare to ombudsman or representative.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Syndicate

    in commercial parlance is a name given to a number of capitalists associated together for the purpose of carrying through some important business scheme, usually having in view the controlling and raising of prices by means of a monopoly or "corner."

The Foolish Dictionary, by Gideon Wurdz


    A conspiracy to extend the modest business established by Captain Kidd. Fortune knocks only once at a man's door--And she's the worst Knocker in the world. T Brevity is the soul of wit--and the sole charm of of a bicycle skirt. TAILOR One who takes your measure on first sight, gives you a fit, sews you up and follows suit until paid.

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