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Princeton's WordNet

  1. subset(noun)

    a set whose members are members of another set; a set contained within another set


  1. subset(Noun)

    With respect to another set, a set such that each of its elements is also an element of the other set.

  2. subset(Noun)

    A group of things or people, all of which are in a specified larger group.

    We asked a subset of the population of the town for their opinion.


  1. Subset

    In mathematics, especially in set theory, a set A is a subset of a set B, or equivalently B is a superset of A, if A is "contained" inside B, that is, all elements of A are also elements of B. A and B may coincide. The relationship of one set being a subset of another is called inclusion or sometimes containment.

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Vanna Bonta:

    Poetry is a subset of a Cosmos, which in itself, is a poem.

  2. Chief Executive Yuval Cohen:

    We're not focusing on a particular subset of patients, like Vertex's drug.

  3. Ian J. Davenport:

    It's counter to common sense, but common sense is only based on a very small subset of the universe.

  4. Brigitte Madrian:

    The vast majority of money is actually repaid, on the order of 85 percent of it, but for a smaller subset of people, it can be a problem.

  5. Robert Kyncl:

    There is a subset of audience who wants more things so they are used to paying for those. We don't think it changes anything for existing users.

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