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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

sub•mis•sionsəbˈmɪʃ ən(n.)

  1. an act or instance of submitting.

  2. the condition of having submitted.

  3. submissive conduct or attitude.

  4. something submitted, as for consideration.

  5. an agreement between disputing parties to abide by the decision of an arbitrator.

    Category: Law

Origin of submission:

1375–1425; late ME < L submissiō. See submit , -tion

Princeton's WordNet

  1. submission, entry(noun)

    something (manuscripts or architectural plans and models or estimates or works of art of all genres etc.) submitted for the judgment of others (as in a competition)

    "several of his submissions were rejected by publishers"; "what was the date of submission of your proposal?"

  2. submission, compliance(noun)

    the act of submitting; usually surrendering power to another

  3. submission(noun)

    the condition of having submitted to control by someone or something else

    "the union was brought into submission"; "his submission to the will of God"

  4. meekness, submission(noun)

    the feeling of patient, submissive humbleness

  5. submission(noun)

    a legal document summarizing an agreement between parties in a dispute to abide by the decision of an arbiter

  6. submission(noun)

    an agreement between parties in a dispute to abide by the decision of an arbiter

  7. submission(noun)

    (law) a contention presented by a lawyer to a judge or jury as part of the case he is arguing

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. submission(noun)əbˈmɪʃ ən

    the act of submitting sth to be considered, or sth that is submitted

    the late submission of assignments; his submission to the magazine

  2. submissionəbˈmɪʃ ən

    the act of putting yourself under sb's control

    his submission to her demands


  1. submission(Noun)

    the act of submitting

  2. submission(Noun)

    the thing which has been submitted

  3. submission(Noun)

    A submission hold in wrestling.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Submission(noun)

    the act of submitting; the act of yielding to power or authority; surrender of the person and power to the control or government of another; obedience; compliance

  2. Submission(noun)

    the state of being submissive; acknowledgement of inferiority or dependence; humble or suppliant behavior; meekness; resignation

  3. Submission(noun)

    acknowledgement of a fault; confession of error

  4. Submission(noun)

    an agreement by which parties engage to submit any matter of controversy between them to the decision of arbitrators


  1. Submission

    A submission is a combat sports term for yielding to the opponent, and hence resulting in an immediate defeat. The submission is commonly performed by clearly tapping the floor or the opponent with the hand or sometimes with the foot, to signal the opponent and possibly the referee of the submission. The submission can also be verbal, during which the fighter verbally informs that he is giving up. In some combative sports where the fighter has cornermen, the corner can also stop the fight by "throwing in the towel", which may count as a submission.

British National Corpus

  1. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Submission' in Written Corpus Frequency: #3335

  2. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Submission' in Nouns Frequency: #2240

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the act of submitting.

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