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Princeton's WordNet

  1. soapsuds, suds, lather(noun)

    the froth produced by soaps or detergents

  2. suds(verb)

    a dysphemism for beer (especially for lager that effervesces)

  3. suds(verb)

    wash in suds

  4. froth, spume, suds(verb)

    make froth or foam and become bubbly

    "The river foamed"


  1. suds(Noun)

    lather, foam

Webster Dictionary

  1. Suds

    water impregnated with soap, esp. when worked up into bubbles and froth

  2. Origin: [Akin to sodden, seethe. See Seethe.]


  1. Subjective units of distress scale

    A Subjective Units of Distress Scale is a scale of 0 to 100 for measuring the subjective intensity of disturbance or distress currently experienced by an individual. The individual self assesses where they are on the scale. The SUDS may be used as a benchmark for a professional or observer to evaluate the progress of treatment. In desensitization-based therapies, such as those listed below, the patients' regular self assessments enable them to guide the clinician repeatedly as part of the therapeutic dialog. The SUD-level was developed by Joseph Wolpe in 1969. It has been used in cognitive-behavioral treatments for anxiety disorders and for research purposes. There is no hard and fast rule by which a patient can self assign a SUDS rating to his or her disturbance or distress, hence the name subjective. Some guidelines are: The intensity recorded must be as it is experienced now. Constriction or congestion or tensing of body parts indicates a higher SUDS than that reported.

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