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  1. sparrow, true sparrow(noun)

    any of several small dull-colored singing birds feeding on seeds or insects

  2. hedge sparrow, sparrow, dunnock, Prunella modularis(noun)

    small brownish European songbird

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  1. sparrow(Noun)

    The house sparrow, Passer domesticus; a small bird with a short bill, and brown, white and gray feathers.

  2. sparrow(Noun)

    A member of the family Passeridae, comprising small Old World songbirds.

  3. sparrow(Noun)

    A member of the family Emberizidae, comprising small New World songbirds.

  4. sparrow(Noun)

    Generically, any small, nondescript bird.

  5. sparrow(Noun)

    A quick-witted, lively person. Often used in the phrase cockney sparrow.

  6. Origin: From sparwe, sparowe, from spearwa, from sparwô, from sper(w)-. Cognate with Dutch spreeuw, Spar, Sperling, Danish spurv, sparv, Breton frao, Tocharian A spārāñ, Ancient Greek πσαρ.

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  1. Sparrow(noun)

    one of many species of small singing birds of the family Fringilligae, having conical bills, and feeding chiefly on seeds. Many sparrows are called also finches, and buntings. The common sparrow, or house sparrow, of Europe (Passer domesticus) is noted for its familiarity, its voracity, its attachment to its young, and its fecundity. See House sparrow, under House

  2. Sparrow(noun)

    any one of several small singing birds somewhat resembling the true sparrows in form or habits, as the European hedge sparrow. See under Hedge

  3. Origin: [OE. sparwe, AS. spearwa; akin to OHG. sparo, G. sperling, Icel. sprr, Dan. spurv, spurre, Sw. sparf, Goth. sparwa; -- originally, probably, the quiverer or flutterer, and akin to E. spurn. See Spurn, and cf. Spavin.]

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  1. Sparrow

    The sparrows are a family of small passerine birds, Passeridae. They are also known as true sparrows, or Old World sparrows, names also used for a genus of the family Passer. They are distinct from both the American sparrows, in the family Emberizidae, and from a few other birds sharing their name, such as the Java Sparrow of the family Estrildidae. Many species nest on buildings, and the House and Eurasian Tree Sparrows in particular inhabit cities in large numbers, so sparrows may be the most familiar of all wild birds. They are primarily seed-eaters, though they also consume small insects. Some species scavenge for food around cities and, like gulls or Rock Doves, will happily eat virtually anything in small quantities.

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