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Princeton's WordNet

  1. surf, breaker, breakers(verb)

    waves breaking on the shore

  2. surfboard, surf(verb)

    ride the waves of the sea with a surfboard

    "Californians love to surf"

  3. browse, surf(verb)

    look around casually and randomly, without seeking anything in particular

    "browse a computer directory"; "surf the internet or the world wide web"

  4. surf, channel-surf(verb)

    switch channels, on television


  1. surf(Noun)

    Waves that break on an ocean shoreline.

  2. surf(Noun)

    The bottom of a drain.

  3. surf(Verb)

    To ride a wave, usually on a surfboard.

  4. surf(Verb)

    To browse the Internet.

  5. Origin: Maybe suffe, of uncertain origin.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Surf(noun)

    the swell of the sea which breaks upon the shore, esp. upon a sloping beach

  2. Surf(noun)

    the bottom of a drain

  3. Origin: [Formerly spelled suffe, and probably the same word as E. sough.]


  1. Surf

    Surf is the name of a brand of laundry detergent made by Unilever and sold in the India, Ireland, South Africa and many other countries. In the United States the Surf product line is owned by Sun Products. The brand Omo was used when it was introduced in Australia and New Zealand but in Australia, Surf as well as Omo are sold and they are both top- selling laundry detergents in Australia. Surf was introduced in 1959 after Rinso, formerly Lever's best selling detergent brand, had declined in both sales and market share. Formulations of the detergent and the market segment targeted vary by region; in some countries Unilever also markets Persil detergent.

The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. surf

    [from the ‘surf’ idiom for rapidly flipping TV channels] To traverse the Internet in search of interesting stuff, used esp. if one is doing so with a World Wide Web browser. It is also common to speak of surfing in to a particular resource.Hackers adopted this term early, but many have stopped using it since it went completely mainstream around 1995. The passive, couch-potato connotations that go with TV channel surfing were never pleasant, and hearing non-hackers wax enthusiastic about “surfing the net” tends to make hackers feel a bit as though their home is being overrun by ignorami.

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Malcolm Reeder:

    A couple of years ago they got surf boards for Christmas. Maybe this year it'll be hiking boots.

  2. Arlen Macpherson:

    I'm deathly afraid of sharks and I love to surf, i needed a greater level of comfort in the water.

  3. Abu Jayyab:

    We have been surfing for 20 years and we did not lose any chance to surf, this sport runs in our blood.

  4. Gabriel Smeby:

    We were up and down, over and around on sandbars, it turned sideways in the surf, and it dawned on me what it was.

  5. Axel Stein:

    There's a general feeling that the art market in general is very strong, and we believe we can surf that wave, if you wish.

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