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Princeton's WordNet

  1. creep, weirdo, weirdie, weirdy, spook(noun)

    someone unpleasantly strange or eccentric

  2. ghost, shade, spook, wraith, specter, spectre(verb)

    a mental representation of some haunting experience

    "he looked like he had seen a ghost"; "it aroused specters from his past"

  3. spook(verb)

    frighten or scare, and often provoke into a violent action

    "The noise spooked the horse"


  1. spook(Noun)

    A spirit returning to haunt a place.

    The visit to the old cemetery brought scary visions of spooks and ghosts.

  2. spook(Noun)

    A ghost or an apparition.

  3. spook(Noun)

    A hobgoblin.

  4. spook(Noun)

    A spy.

  5. spook(Noun)

    A scare or fright.

    The big spider gave me a spook.

  6. spook(Noun)

    A black person.

  7. spook(Verb)

    To scare or frighten.

  8. spook(Verb)

    To startle or frighten an animal

    The movement in the bushes spooked the deer and they ran.

  9. Origin: From spook.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Spook(noun)

    a spirit; a ghost; an apparition; a hobgoblin

  2. Spook(noun)

    the chimaera

  3. Origin: [D. spook; akin to G. spuk, Sw. spke, Dan. spgelse a specter, spge to play, sport, joke, spg a play, joke.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Spook

    spōōk, n. a ghost.—v.i. to play the spook.—adjs. Spook′ish, Spook′y, like a ghost, haunted by ghosts: sensitive to the dread of ghosts, suggesting the presence of ghosts. [Dut. spook; Ger. (obs.) spuch, Sw. spöke; not related to puck.]

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    The numerical value of SPOOK in Chaldean Numerology is: 9

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