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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

spatspæt(n.; v.)spat•ted, spat•ting.

  1. (n.)a petty quarrel.

  2. a light blow; slap; smack.

  3. (v.i.)to engage in a petty quarrel or dispute.

  4. to splash or spatter.

Origin of spat:

1795–1805, Amer.; perh. imit.


  1. Ref: a pt. and pp. of spit1. 1


  1. a short gaiter worn over the instep and usu. fastened under the foot with a strap.

    Category: Clothing

Origin of spat:

1795–1805; short for spatterdash gaiter


  1. the spawn of an oyster or similar shellfish.

    Category: Invertebrates

  2. young oysters collectively.

    Category: Invertebrates

  3. a young oyster.

    Category: Invertebrates

Origin of spat:

1350–1400; ME; orig. uncert.

Princeton's WordNet

  1. bicker, bickering, spat, tiff, squabble, pettifoggery, fuss(noun)

    a quarrel about petty points

  2. spat, gaiter(noun)

    a cloth covering (a legging) that covers the instep and ankles

  3. spat(verb)

    a young oyster or other bivalve

  4. spat(verb)

    come down like raindrops

    "Bullets were spatting down on us"

  5. spat(verb)

    become permanently attached

    "mollusks or oysters spat"

  6. spat(verb)

    strike with a sound like that of falling rain

    "Bullets were spatting the leaves"

  7. applaud, clap, spat, acclaim(verb)

    clap one's hands or shout after performances to indicate approval

  8. spat(verb)

    engage in a brief and petty quarrel

  9. spat(verb)


    "oysters spat"

  10. clap, spat(verb)

    clap one's hands together

    "The children were clapping to the music"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. spatæt

    the past tense and past participle of "spit"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Spat

    imp. of Spit

  2. Spat(noun)

    a young oyster or other bivalve mollusk, both before and after it first becomes adherent, or such young, collectively

  3. Spat

    to emit spawn; to emit, as spawn

  4. Spat(noun)

    a light blow with something flat

  5. Spat(noun)

    hence, a petty combat, esp. a verbal one; a little quarrel, dispute, or dissension

  6. Spat(verb)

    to dispute

  7. Spat(verb)

    to slap, as with the open hand; to clap together; as the hands

  8. Spat

    of Spit


  1. Spat

    The spat, from the Latin Spatium is the unit of solid angle. 1 spat is equal to 4pi steredians of solid angle. The spat is also an obsolete unit of distance used in astronomy. It is equal to one billion kilometres. It is about 1.057×10^-4 light-years or 3.240×10^-5 parsecs.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


coming etc after the expected or usual time

The train is late tonight; I try to be punctual but I am always late.

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