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  1. shag(noun)

    a strong coarse tobacco that has been shredded

  2. shag(noun)

    a matted tangle of hair or fiber

    "the dog's woolly shag"

  3. shag(noun)

    a fabric with long coarse nap

    "he bought a shag rug"

  4. fuck, fucking, screw, screwing, ass, nooky, nookie, piece of ass, piece of tail, roll in the hay, shag, shtup(noun)

    slang for sexual intercourse

  5. shag(verb)

    a lively dance step consisting of hopping on each foot in turn

  6. shag(verb)

    dance the shag

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  1. shag(Noun)

    Several species of sea birds in the family Phalacrocoracidae (cormorant family), especially the common shag or European shag, Phalacrocorax aristotelis, found on European and African coasts.

  2. shag(Noun)

    A swing dance.

  3. shag(Noun)

    An act of sexual intercourse.

  4. shag

    A sexual partner

  5. shag(Verb)

    To shake, wiggle around.

  6. shag(Verb)

    To have sexual intercourse with.

  7. shag

    To masturbate.

  8. shag

    To chase after; especially : to chase after and return (a ball) hit usually out of play

  9. shag(Noun)

    A fundraising dance in honour of a couple engaged to be married.

  10. Origin: sceacga, akin to Old Norse skegg, beard (compare Danish skæg, spelling before the writing reform of 1948: skjæg, Norwegian skjegg, Swedish skägg), from Old Norse skaga, to protrude.

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  1. Shag(noun)

    coarse hair or nap; rough, woolly hair

  2. Shag(noun)

    a kind of cloth having a long, coarse nap

  3. Shag(noun)

    a kind of prepared tobacco cut fine

  4. Shag(noun)

    any species of cormorant

  5. Shag(adj)

    hairy; shaggy

  6. Shag(verb)

    to make hairy or shaggy; hence, to make rough

  7. Origin: [AS. sceacga a bush of hair; akin to Icel. skegg the beard, Sw. skgg, Dan. skjg. Cf. Schock of hair.]

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  1. Shag

    Josh Agle is an American artist, better known by the nickname Shag.

Anagrams of SHAG »

  1. Gash

  2. Hags

Translations for SHAG

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • skarv, topskarvDanish
  • bumsen, KrähenscharbeGerman
  • γαμήσιGreek
  • cormorán moñudo, cormoránSpanish
  • nikkumaEstonian
  • vipeltää, sätkätupakka, karimetso, pano, panna, karvalanka, tukko, merimetso, shagFinnish
  • hopp, putt, skarvur, mogg, nummar, nipp, lítiðFaroese
  • baiser, tabac à rouler, cormoran, baise, sauter, huppéFrench
  • feeagh marrey, hulpinManx
  • toppskarfurIcelandic
  • seguire, trinciato, chiavare, viluppo, compagno, agitarsi, tappeto a pelo lungo e irregolare, scopare, dimenarsi, tabacco grossolano, stare alle calcagna, pedinare, intrico, intreccio, marangone, scopataItalian
  • ファック, エッチ, やる, 犯すJapanese
  • dulkintis, kormoranasLithuanian
  • wip, wippen, shag, kuifaalscholver, wiebelenDutch
  • knull, knulleNorwegian
  • mieszać, pieprzyć sięPolish
  • corvo-marinhoPortuguese
  • отдрю́читься, потра́хаться, тра́хать, меша́ть, тра́хальщица, тра́хаться, тра́ханье, дрю́чить, поиме́ть, махо́рка, бакла́н, шэг, отдрю́чить, отыме́ть, гоня́ться, тра́хнуть, дрю́читься, тра́хнуться, трясти́, тра́хальRussian
  • kresnutiSerbo-Croatian
  • knulla, ligg, knull, skakaSwedish
  • รวม เพศ, เย๊ดThai
  • qoqishUzbek
  • quan hệ tình dụcVietnamese

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