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  1. seam(noun)

    joint consisting of a line formed by joining two pieces

  2. wrinkle, furrow, crease, crinkle, seam, line(noun)

    a slight depression in the smoothness of a surface

    "his face has many lines"; "ironing gets rid of most wrinkles"

  3. seam, bed(verb)

    a stratum of ore or coal thick enough to be mined with profit

    "he worked in the coal beds"

  4. seam(verb)

    put together with a seam

    "seam a dress"

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  1. seam(Noun)

    A folded back and stitched piece of fabric; especially, the stitching that joins two or more pieces of fabric.

  2. seam(Noun)

    A suture.

  3. seam(Noun)

    A thin stratum, especially of coal or mineral.

  4. seam(Noun)

    The stitched equatorial seam of a cricket ball; the sideways movement of a ball when it bounces on the seam.

  5. seam(Noun)

    An old English measure of grain, containing eight bushels.

  6. seam(Noun)

    An old English measure of glass, containing twenty-four weys of five pounds, or 120 pounds.

  7. seam(Noun)

    (Construction) A joint formed by mating two separate sections of materials. Seams can be made or sealed in a varity of ways, including adhesive bonding, hot-air welding, solvent welding, using adhesive tapes, sealant, etc.

  8. seam(Verb)

    To put together with a seam.

  9. seam(Verb)

    To mark with a seam.

  10. seam(Verb)

    To crack open along a seam.

  11. seam(Verb)

    Of the ball, to move sideways after bouncing on the seam.

  12. seam(Verb)

    Of a bowler, to make the ball move thus.

  13. Origin: From seam, from saumaz. Cognate with West Frisian seam, Dutch zoom, German Saum, Swedish söm.

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  1. Seam(noun)

    grease; tallow; lard

  2. Seam(noun)

    the fold or line formed by sewing together two pieces of cloth or leather

  3. Seam(noun)

    hence, a line of junction; a joint; a suture, as on a ship, a floor, or other structure; the line of union, or joint, of two boards, planks, metal plates, etc

  4. Seam(noun)

    a thin layer or stratum; a narrow vein between two thicker strata; as, a seam of coal

  5. Seam(noun)

    a line or depression left by a cut or wound; a scar; a cicatrix

  6. Seam(verb)

    to form a seam upon or of; to join by sewing together; to unite

  7. Seam(verb)

    to mark with something resembling a seam; to line; to scar

  8. Seam(verb)

    to make the appearance of a seam in, as in knitting a stocking; hence, to knit with a certain stitch, like that in such knitting

  9. Seam(verb)

    to become ridgy; to crack open

  10. Seam(noun)

    a denomination of weight or measure

  11. Seam(noun)

    the quantity of eight bushels of grain

  12. Seam(noun)

    the quantity of 120 pounds of glass

  13. Origin: [See Saim.]

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  1. ASME

  2. Mase

  3. Mesa

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