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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

scumskʌm(n.; v.)scummed, scum•ming.

  1. (n.)a film or layer of foul matter that forms on the surface of a liquid. a film of algae on still or stagnant water:

    pond scum.

  2. refuse or offscourings.

  3. a low, worthless person.

  4. such persons collectively; dregs.

  5. (v.i.)to form scum; become covered with scum.

  6. (v.t.)to remove the scum from.

Origin of scum:

1200–50; ME scume < MD schūme (D schuim) foam, c. G Schaum


Princeton's WordNet

  1. trash, scum(noun)

    worthless people

  2. scum(verb)

    a film of impurities or vegetation that can form on the surface of a liquid

  3. scum(verb)

    remove the scum from

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. scum(noun)ʌm

    a sticky layer on the surface of sth

    green scum on the surface of the pond

  2. scumʌm

    people with low morals who you disapprove of

    Why do you hang around with those scum?


  1. scum(Noun)

    A layer of impurities that accumulates at the surface of a liquid (especially molten metal or water).

  2. scum(Noun)

    A greenish water vegetation (such as algae), usually found floating on the surface of ponds

  3. scum(Noun)

    The topmost liquid layer of a cesspool or septic tank.

  4. scum(Noun)

    A reprehensible person or persons.

  5. scum(Verb)

    To remove the layer of scum from (a liquid etc.).

  6. scum(Verb)

    To remove (something) as scum.

  7. scum(Verb)

    To scour (the land, sea etc.).

  8. Origin: From scum, scom, from * or schume, both from skūmaz, from skeu-. Cognate with schuim, Schaum, and skum. Compare also écume, schiuma from the same Germanic source. Related to skim.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Scum

    the extraneous matter or impurities which rise to the surface of liquids in boiling or fermentation, or which form on the surface by other means; also, the scoria of metals in a molten state; dross

  2. Scum

    refuse; recrement; anything vile or worthless

  3. Scum(verb)

    to take the scum from; to clear off the impure matter from the surface of; to skim

  4. Scum(verb)

    to sweep or range over the surface of

  5. Scum(verb)

    to form a scum; to become covered with scum. Also used figuratively

Anagrams of SCUM

  1. USMC

  2. cums

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


dirty foam that forms on the surface of a liquid

The pond was covered with (a) scum.

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