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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

scudskʌd(v.; n.)scud•ded, scud•ding

  1. (v.i.)to run or move quickly or hurriedly.

  2. Naut. to run before a gale with little or no sail set.

    Category: Nautical, Navy

  3. (n.)the act of scudding.

  4. clouds, spray, or mist driven by the wind. a driving shower. a gust of wind.

  5. low-drifting clouds appearing beneath a cloud from which precipitation is falling.

    Category: Meteorology

Origin of scud:

1525–35; < MLG schudden to shake


  1. a surface-to-surface missile, esp. one deployed on a mobile launcher.

    Category: Military

Princeton's WordNet

  1. scud, scudding(verb)

    the act of moving along swiftly (as before a gale)

  2. dart, dash, scoot, scud, flash, shoot(verb)

    run or move very quickly or hastily

    "She dashed into the yard"

  3. scud, rack(verb)

    run before a gale


  1. scud(Noun)

    The act of scudding.

  2. scud(Noun)

    Clouds or rain driven by the wind.

  3. scud(Noun)

    A gust of wind.

  4. scud(Noun)

    A scab on a wound.

  5. scud(Noun)


  6. scud(Noun)


    A bottle of Scud

  7. scud(Verb)

    To race along swiftly (especially used of clouds).

  8. scud(Verb)

    To run before a high wind with no sails set.

  9. scud(Verb)

    To hit.

  10. scud(Verb)

    To speed.

  11. scud(Verb)

    To skim.

  12. scud(Adjective)


  13. Scud(ProperNoun)

    A Soviet-developed ballistic missile.

  14. Origin: The term comes from the NATO reporting name SS-1 Scud which was attached to the missile by Western intelligence agencies.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Scud(verb)

    to move swiftly; especially, to move as if driven forward by something

  2. Scud(verb)

    to be driven swiftly, or to run, before a gale, with little or no sail spread

  3. Scud(verb)

    to pass over quickly

  4. Scud(noun)

    the act of scudding; a driving along; a rushing with precipitation

  5. Scud(noun)

    loose, vapory clouds driven swiftly by the wind

  6. Scud(noun)

    a slight, sudden shower

  7. Scud(noun)

    a small flight of larks, or other birds, less than a flock

  8. Scud(noun)

    any swimming amphipod crustacean


  1. Scud

    Scud is a series of tactical ballistic missiles developed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. It was exported widely to other countries, in particular third world countries. The term comes from the NATO reporting name Scud which was attached to the missile by Western intelligence agencies. The Russian names for the missile are the R-11, R-17 and R-300 Elbrus. The name Scud has been widely used to refer to these missiles and the wide variety of derivative variants developed in other countries based on the Soviet design.


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