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Princeton's WordNet

  1. rote, rote learning(noun)

    memorization by repetition

Webster Dictionary

  1. Rote(noun)

    a root

  2. Rote(noun)

    a kind of guitar, the notes of which were produced by a small wheel or wheel-like arrangement; an instrument similar to the hurdy-gurdy

  3. Rote(noun)

    the noise produced by the surf of the sea dashing upon the shore. See Rut

  4. Rote(noun)

    a frequent repetition of forms of speech without attention to the meaning; mere repetition; as, to learn rules by rote

  5. Rote(verb)

    to learn or repeat by rote

  6. Rote(verb)

    to go out by rotation or succession; to rotate

  7. Origin: [OF. rote, F. route, road, path. See Route, and cf. Rut a furrow, Routine.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Rote

    rōt, n. the mechanical repetition of words without knowledge of the meaning: a row or rank.—v.t. (Shak.) to learn by rote. [O. Fr. rote, a track—Low L. rupta, a road—rumpĕre, to break.]

  2. Rote

    rōt, n. a musical instrument with strings.—n. Rō′tour. [O. Fr. rote, a fiddle (cf. Old High Ger. hrotā), from Celt.; W. crwth, Gael. cruit.]

  3. Rote

    rōt, n. the sound of the surf.

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Translations for Rote

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  • apprentissage par cœurFrench
  • 暗記学習Japanese
  • herhaling, breken, sleurDutch
  • decoraçãoPortuguese
  • заучивание наизусть, зубрёжка, заучиваниеRussian

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