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Princeton's WordNet

  1. rectum(noun)

    the terminal section of the alimentary canal; from the sigmoid flexure to the anus


  1. rectum(Noun)

    The terminal part of the large intestine through which feces pass.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Rectum(noun)

    the terminal part of the large intestine; -- so named because supposed by the old anatomists to be straight. See Illust. under Digestive

  2. Origin: [NL. (sc. intestinum), fr. L. rectus straight. See Right.]


  1. Rectum

    The rectum is the final straight portion of the large intestine in some mammals, and the gut in others. The human rectum is about 12 centimetres long, and begins at the rectosigmoid junction, at the level of the third sacral vertebra or the sacral promontory depending upon what definition is used. Its caliber is similar to that of the sigmoid colon at its commencement, but it is dilated near its termination, forming the rectal ampulla. It terminates at the level of the anorectal ring or the dentate line, again depending upon which definition is used. In humans, the rectum is followed by the anal canal, before the gastrointestinal tract terminates at the anal verge.

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Rectum

    The distal segment of the LARGE INTESTINE, between the SIGMOID COLON and the ANAL CANAL.

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