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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

raspræsp, rɑsp(v.t.)

  1. to scrape or abrade with or as if with a rough instrument.

  2. to grate upon or irritate:

    The sound rasped his nerves.

  3. to utter with a grating sound:

    to rasp out an order.

  4. (v.i.)to scrape or grate.

  5. to make a grating sound.

  6. (n.)an act of rasping.

  7. a rasping sound.

  8. a coarse file, used mainly on wood, having separate conical teeth.

    Category: Building Trades

  9. (in an insect) a roughened surface used in stridulation.

    Category: Entomology

Origin of rasp:

1200–50; < OF rasper to scrape, grate


Princeton's WordNet

  1. rasp, rasping(noun)

    uttering in an irritated tone

  2. rasp, wood file(verb)

    a coarse file with sharp pointed projections

  3. rasp(verb)

    scrape with a rasp

  4. rasp(verb)

    utter in a grating voice


  1. rasp(Noun)

    A coarse file (tool)

  2. rasp(Noun)

    The sound made by this tool when used

  3. rasp(Verb)

    To use a rasp

  4. rasp(Verb)

    To make a noise similar to the one a rasp in use makes; to utter rasps

  5. rasp(Verb)

    To work something with a rasp

Webster Dictionary

  1. Rasp(verb)

    to rub or file with a rasp; to rub or grate with a rough file; as, to rasp wood to make it smooth; to rasp bones to powder

  2. Rasp(verb)

    hence, figuratively: To grate harshly upon; to offend by coarse or rough treatment or language; as, some sounds rasp the ear; his insults rasped my temper

  3. Rasp

    a coarse file, on which the cutting prominences are distinct points raised by the oblique stroke of a sharp punch, instead of lines raised by a chisel, as on the true file

  4. Rasp

    the raspberry


  1. Rasp

    A rasp is a tool used for shaping wood or other material. It consists of a point or the tip, then a long steel bar or the belly, then the heel or bottom, then the tang. The tang is joined to a handle, usually made of plastic or wood. The bar has sharp teeth. Rasps generally cut more coarsely than files.

Anagrams of RASP

  1. spar

  2. pars

  3. raps

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


an instrument with a rough surface on which cheese, vegetables etc can be grated.

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