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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. a landing place, esp. one of solid masonry, constructed along the edge of a body of water; wharf.

Origin of quay:

1690–1700; sp. var. (after F quai) of earlier kay (also key, whence the mod. pronunciation) < OF kay, cay, akin to Sp cayo shoal. See key2

Princeton's WordNet

  1. quay(noun)

    wharf usually built parallel to the shoreline

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. quay(noun)ˈi

    a structure next to water where boats stop


  1. quay(Noun)

    A stone or concrete structure on navigable water used for loading and unloading vessels; a wharf.

  2. quay(Verb)

    To land or tie up at a quay or similar structure, especially used in the phrase "quay up".

  3. Origin: From cai, from chai (modern French: quai).

Webster Dictionary

  1. Quay(noun)

    a mole, bank, or wharf, formed toward the sea, or at the side of a harbor, river, or other navigable water, for convenience in loading and unloading vessels

  2. Quay(verb)

    to furnish with quays

Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

  1. quay

    A structure of solid construction along a shore or bank that provides berthing and generally provides cargo-handling facilities. A similar facility of open construction is called a wharf. See also wharf.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a solid, usually stone, landing-place, where boats are loaded and unloaded

The boat is moored at the quay.

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