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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

pri•ma•ryˈpraɪ mɛr i, -mə ri(adj.; n.)(pl.)-ries.

  1. (adj.)first in rank or importance; chief:

    one's primary goal in life.

  2. first in order in any series, sequence, etc.

  3. first in time; earliest.

  4. of or pertaining to primary school:

    the primary grades.

  5. being of the simplest or most basic order of its or their kind:

    a primary constituent; a primary classification.

  6. immediate or direct; not involving intermediate agency:

    primary perceptions.

  7. pertaining to any of the set of flight feathers situated on the outermost segment of a bird's wing.

    Category: Ornithology

  8. noting or pertaining to the circuit, coil, winding, or current that induces electric current in secondary windings in an induction coil, transformer, or the like.

    Category: Electricity and Magnetism

  9. Chem. involving or obtained by replacement of one atom or group. noting or containing a carbon atom united to no other or to only one other carbon atom in a molecule.

    Category: Chemistry

  10. Gram. (of a derivative) having a root or other unanalyzable element as the underlying form. (of Latin, Greek, or Sanskrit tenses) having reference to present or future time.

    Category: Grammar

    Ref: Compare secondary (def. 7). 9 3

  11. (n.)something that is first in order or importance.

  12. a preliminary election in which voters of each political party nominate candidates for office, party officers, etc. a local meeting of party members to select candidates or delegates; caucus.

    Category: Government

  13. Category: Optics

    Ref: primary color.

  14. a primary feather.

    Category: Ornithology

  15. a body in relation to a smaller body or smaller bodies revolving around it, as a planet in relation to its satellites. the brighter of the two stars comprising a double star.

    Category: Astronomy

    Ref: Compare companion1 (def. 7). 1 6

Origin of primary:

1425–75; late ME < L prīmārius of the first rank. See prime , -ary


Princeton's WordNet

  1. primary, primary election(noun)

    a preliminary election where delegates or nominees are chosen

  2. primary, primary feather, primary quill(noun)

    one of the main flight feathers projecting along the outer edge of a bird's wing

  3. primary(noun)

    (astronomy) a celestial body (especially a star) relative to other objects in orbit around it

  4. primary coil, primary winding, primary(adj)

    coil forming the part of an electrical circuit such that changing current in it induces a current in a neighboring circuit

    "current through the primary coil induces current in the secondary coil"

  5. primary(adj)

    of first rank or importance or value; direct and immediate rather than secondary

    "primary goals"; "a primary effect"; "primary sources"; "a primary interest"

  6. primary(adj)

    not derived from or reducible to something else; basic

    "a primary instinct"

  7. chief(a), main(a), primary(a), principal(a), master(a)(adj)

    most important element

    "the chief aim of living"; "the main doors were of solid glass"; "the principal rivers of America"; "the principal example"; "policemen were primary targets"; "the master bedroom"; "a master switch"

  8. elementary, elemental, primary(adj)

    of or being the essential or basic part

    "an elementary need for love and nurturing"

  9. basal, primary(adj)

    of primary importance

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. primary(adjective)ˈpraɪ mɛr i, -mə ri

    main or most important

    the primary reason for childhood obesity

  2. primaryˈpraɪ mɛr i, -mə ri

    first or initial

    a primary tumor


  1. primary(Noun)

    A primary election; a preliminary election to select a political candidate of a political party.

  2. primary(Noun)

    The first year of grade school.

  3. primary(Noun)

    A base or fundamental component; something that is irreducible.

  4. primary(Noun)

    The most massive component of a gravitationally bound system.

  5. primary(Noun)

    A primary school.

  6. primary(Noun)

    Any flight feather attached to the manus (hand) of a bird.

  7. primary(Noun)

    A primary colour.

  8. primary(Noun)

    A directly driven inductive coil, as in a transformer or induction motor that is magnetically coupled to a secondary

  9. primary(Verb)

    To take part in a primary election

  10. primary(Adjective)

    The first in a group or series.

    Children attend primary school, teenagers attend secondary school.

  11. primary(Adjective)

    That which is placed ahead of others.

    Preferred stock has primary claim on dividends, ahead of common stock.

  12. Origin: From the primarius, from primus (“first”; whence the adjective prime) + -arius (whence the suffix -ary); compare the primaire, primer, and premier.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Primary(adj)

    first in order of time or development or in intention; primitive; fundamental; original

  2. Primary(adj)

    first in order, as being preparatory to something higher; as, primary assemblies; primary schools

  3. Primary(adj)

    first in dignity or importance; chief; principal; as, primary planets; a matter of primary importance

  4. Primary(adj)

    earliest formed; fundamental

  5. Primary(adj)

    illustrating, possessing, or characterized by, some quality or property in the first degree; having undergone the first stage of substitution or replacement

  6. Primary(noun)

    that which stands first in order, rank, or importance; a chief matter

  7. Primary(noun)

    a primary meeting; a caucus

  8. Primary(noun)

    one of the large feathers on the distal joint of a bird's wing. See Plumage, and Illust. of Bird

  9. Primary(noun)

    a primary planet; the brighter component of a double star. See under Planet


  1. Primary

    "Primary" is the only single from The Cure's third studio album Faith, released in 1981 on Fiction Records. It was the first song by The Cure to be remixed as a separate extended mix for release on 12" single. In fact, the original 12" extended mix is, to this day, still only available on the original 12" single, which has never been reproduced on any other album, making it quite a rare item. The main difference between the 7" mix, and 12" mix is that the extended mix lengthens the instrumental introductions to the song's verses.

The Standard Electrical Dictionary

  1. Primary

    A term used to designate the inducing coil in an induction coil or transformer; it is probably an abbreviation for primary coil.

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Primary' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #1166

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Primary' in Written Corpus Frequency: #2105

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Primary' in Nouns Frequency: #3003

  4. Adjectives Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'Primary' in Adjectives Frequency: #145

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first or most important

his primary concern.

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