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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. a basic stitch in knitting, the reverse of the knit, formed by pulling a loop of the working yarn back through an existing stitch and then slipping that stitch off the needle.

    Category: Clothing, Textiles

  2. one of a series of small loops along the edge of lace braid.

    Category: Clothing, Textiles

  3. a twisted gold or silver embroidery thread.

    Category: Clothing, Textiles

  4. (v.i.)to knit with a purl stitch.

    Category: Clothing

  5. (v.t.)to make with this stitch.

    Category: Clothing

  6. to finish with loops or a looped edging.

    Category: Clothing, Textiles

Origin of purl:

1520–30; var. of obs. or dial. pirl to twist (threads, etc.) into a cord


  1. to flow with curling or rippling motion, as a shallow stream over stones.

  2. to flow with a murmuring sound.

  3. (n.)the action or sound of purling.

  4. a ripple or eddy.

Origin of purl:

1545–55; orig. uncert.; cf. Norw purla to bubble up, gush

Princeton's WordNet

  1. purl(noun)

    gold or silver wire thread

  2. purl, purl stitch(verb)

    a basic knitting stitch

  3. eddy, purl, whirlpool, swirl, whirl(verb)

    flow in a circular current, of liquids

  4. sough, purl(verb)

    make a murmuring sound

    "the water was purling"

  5. purl(verb)

    knit with a purl stitch

  6. purl(verb)

    edge or border with gold or silver embroidery

  7. purl(verb)

    embroider with gold or silver thread

Webster Dictionary

  1. Purl(verb)

    to decorate with fringe or embroidery

  2. Purl(noun)

    an embroidered and puckered border; a hem or fringe, often of gold or silver twist; also, a pleat or fold, as of a band

  3. Purl(noun)

    an inversion of stitches in knitting, which gives to the work a ribbed or waved appearance

  4. Purl(verb)

    to run swiftly round, as a small stream flowing among stones or other obstructions; to eddy; also, to make a murmuring sound, as water does in running over or through obstructions

  5. Purl

    to rise in circles, ripples, or undulations; to curl; to mantle

  6. Purl(noun)

    a circle made by the notion of a fluid; an eddy; a ripple

  7. Purl(noun)

    a gentle murmur, as that produced by the running of a liquid among obstructions; as, the purl of a brook

  8. Purl(noun)

    malt liquor, medicated or spiced; formerly, ale or beer in which wormwood or other bitter herbs had been infused, and which was regarded as tonic; at present, hot beer mixed with gin, sugar, and spices

  9. Purl(noun)

    a tern

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a kind of knitting stitch.

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