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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

pol•y•gonˈpɒl iˌgɒn(n.)

  1. a figure, esp. a closed plane figure, having three or more, usu. straight, sides.

    Category: Math

Origin of polygon:

1560–70; < L polygōnum < Gk polýgōnon, n. use of neut. of polýgōnos many-angled. See poly -, -gon


Princeton's WordNet

  1. polygon, polygonal shape(noun)

    a closed plane figure bounded by straight sides


  1. polygon(Noun)

    A plane figure bounded by straight edges.

  2. polygon(Noun)

    The boundary of such a figure.

  3. polygon(Noun)

    A figure comprising vertices and (not necessarily straight) edges, alternatingly.

  4. polygon(Noun)

    Such a figure and its interior, taken as a whole.

  5. Origin: from and .

Webster Dictionary

  1. Polygon(noun)

    a plane figure having many angles, and consequently many sides; esp., one whose perimeter consists of more than four sides; any figure having many angles


  1. Polygon

    Polygons are used in computer graphics to compose images that are three-dimensional in appearance. Usually triangular, polygons arise when an object's surface is modeled, vertices are selected, and the object is rendered in a wire frame model. This is quicker to display than a shaded model; thus the polygons are a stage in computer animation. The polygon count refers to the number of polygons being rendered per frame.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a two-dimensional figure with many angles and sides.

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