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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

pi•taˈpi tə(n.)(pl.)-tas.

  1. a fiber obtained from plants of the genera Agave, Aechmea, etc., used for cordage, mats, etc.

    Category: Textiles

  2. any of these plants.

    Category: Plants

Origin of pita:

1690–1700; < AmerSp < Quechua pita or Aymara p'ita

pi•taˈpi tɑ, -tə(n.)

  1. a round, flat Middle Eastern bread having a pocket that can be filled to make a sandwich. Also called pi′ta bread`.

    Category: Cooking

Origin of pita:

1950–55, Amer.; < ModGk pētta, pitta bread, cake, pie

Princeton's WordNet

  1. pita, pocket bread(noun)

    usually small round bread that can open into a pocket for filling


  1. pita(Noun)

    A flat bread pouch used for making sandwiches such as gyros or falafels.

  2. PITA(Noun)

    (acronym) Pain in the ass, pain in the arse.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Pita(noun)

    a fiber obtained from the Agave Americana and other related species, -- used for making cordage and paper. Called also pita fiber, and pita thread

  2. Pita(noun)

    the plant which yields the fiber


  1. Pita

    Pita or pitta is a round pocket bread widely consumed in many Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Balkan cuisines. It is prevalent in Cyprus, the Balkans, North Africa, the Levant, Iran, Armenia, Turkey, and parts of the Indian Subcontinent. The "pocket" in pita bread is created by steam, which puffs up the dough. As the bread cools and flattens, a pocket is left in the middle. In the Balkans, especially Greece, pita also refers to various pastries otherwise called börek.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


(a piece of) a narrow strip or band of cloth used for tying etc

bundles of letters tied with tape.

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