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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. to look through a small opening or from a concealed location.

  2. to look slyly, pryingly, or furtively.

  3. to look curiously or playfully.

  4. to come partially into view; begin to appear.

  5. (v.t.)to show or protrude slightly.

  6. (n.)a quick or furtive look.

  7. the first appearance, as of dawn.

  8. an aperture for looking through.

Origin of peep:

1425–75; late ME pepe; perh. expressive alter. of peek


  1. a short, shrill little cry or sound, as of a young bird.

    Category: Ornithology

  2. any of various small sandpipers, esp. of the genus


    Category: Ornithology

  3. a slight sound or remark, as of complaint:

    I don't want to hear a peep out of you!

  4. (v.i.)to utter a short, shrill little cry.

    Category: Ornithology

  5. to speak in a weak voice.

Origin of peep:

1400–50; late ME pepen, pipen; cf. D, G piepen, OF piper, L pipāre, Gk pippízein, Czech pípat, Lith pỹpti

Princeton's WordNet

  1. cheep, peep(noun)

    the short weak cry of a young bird

  2. peek, peep(verb)

    a secret look

  3. peep(verb)

    look furtively

    "He peeped at the woman through the window"

  4. peep(verb)

    cause to appear

    "he peeped his head through the window"

  5. peep, cheep, chirp, chirrup(verb)

    make high-pitched sounds

    "the birds were chirping in the bushes"

  6. peep(verb)

    speak in a hesitant and high-pitched tone of voice

  7. peep(verb)

    appear as though from hiding

    "the new moon peeped through the tree tops"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. peep(verb)pip

    to take a quick look at sth, especially secretly

    He peeped from behind the curtain.

  2. peep(noun)pip

    a quick look at sth

    a quick peep through the hole in the fence


  1. Peep(Noun)

    A soft marshmallow candy, shaped into a baby animal for Easter celebration.

  2. Origin: Onomatopoeic, from pepen

Webster Dictionary

  1. Peep(verb)

    to cry, as a chicken hatching or newly hatched; to chirp; to cheep

  2. Peep(verb)

    to begin to appear; to look forth from concealment; to make the first appearance

  3. Peep(verb)

    to look cautiously or slyly; to peer, as through a crevice; to pry

  4. Peep(noun)

    the cry of a young chicken; a chirp

  5. Peep(noun)

    first outlook or appearance

  6. Peep(noun)

    a sly look; a look as through a crevice, or from a place of concealment

  7. Peep(noun)

    any small sandpiper, as the least sandpiper (Trigna minutilla)

  8. Peep(noun)

    the European meadow pipit (Anthus pratensis)


  1. Peep

    Peep is the debut album by Finnish alternative rock band The Rasmus, released on 23 September 1996 on Warner Music Finland. They met their first manager and record producer, Teja Kotilainen in 1995 and signed with Warner Music Finland in February 1996. They released their first EP, called 1st, on Teja G. Records, in December 1995, which featured the songs "Frog", "Myself", "Funky Jam" and "Rakkauslaulu". The album was first released in Finland, where it went Gold, and later in Estonia and Russia, and subsequently worldwide.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to look through a narrow opening or from behind something

She peeped through the window.

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