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Princeton's WordNet

  1. palladium, Pd, atomic number 46(noun)

    a silver-white metallic element of the platinum group that resembles platinum; occurs in some copper and nickel ores; does not tarnish at ordinary temperatures and is used (alloyed with gold) in jewelry

The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. PD

    [common] Abbreviation for ‘public domain’, applied to software distributed over Usenet and from Internet archive sites. Much of this software is not in fact public domain in the legal sense but travels under various copyrights granting reproduction and use rights to anyone who can snarf a copy. See copyleft.


  1. Cho PD

    Cho Joong-hoon, better known by his stage name Cho PD, is a South Korean hip hop record producer and rapper. In 2010, he announced his retirement. But in 2011, Cho PD has made his comeback with his two-part album, State of the Art and Art of Business, featuring several prominent acts such as Verbal Jint, Outsider, Dok2, Zico and Kyung of Block B, Hanhae of Phantom, Mino of Winner, E-Sens of Supreme Team and more. He has been promoting on music programs with his title track, "Family Man", featuring Block B's Lee Taeil.

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  1. DP , D/P

  2. DP

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